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Our rearview mirror glass (lens) covers exterior rearview mirror and interior rearview mirror, as for the exterior rearview mirror; there are 3 types concerned with different coating material, such as aluminized mirror, chromed mirror, and blue-tinted mirror. Normally an exterior rearview mirror glasses can be divided into single curvature and double curvatures, that is, convex mirror and dual-vision mirror (asp. Mirror lens), which can widen driver’s visual field. Regarding an interior rearview mirror glass, which is often be coated with a layer of silver, and the glass would be rubbed to be a prismatic shape. The complete one is called prismatic mirror, which have a function to anti glare when drive in night.

With years of experience of manufacturing auto mirror glasses, we are able to provide our customers with high quality of mirror glasses for various applications, such as truck mirror, bus mirror and car mirror. No matter in OE market or in after market, it is surely that we can become one of your reliable suppliers. In order to expand more market share in blue side mirror for replacement, we have developed a series of popular car models, and the backing plate and mirror heater are also availale for most models.

Flat Mirror
-First Surface Chrome
-Second Surface Alumunum
-Normal thickness: 2mm, 3mm, 5mm
Convex Mirror
-First surface Chrome; Blue Mirror
-Second surface Alumunum
-Normal thickness: 2mm, 3mm
-Double Curvatures (R1400+ R300)
-Available Radius: R300, R500, R1000,
        R1400, R1800, R2100

Prismatic Mirror
A prismatic rear-view mirror—sometimes called a “day/night mirror”—can be tilted to reduce the brightness and glare of lights, mostly for high-beam headlights of vehicles behind which would otherwise be reflected directly into the driver’s eyes at night. This type of mirror is made of a piece of glass that is wedge-shaped in cross section—its front and rear surfaces are not parallel.

Blue Mirror
The blue mirror have the properties of Anti-glare, contrast enhancement, ~60% Reflection, superior chemical and scratch resistance.

Chrome Coating
Production Line
Production Line
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